Workover and Drilling Rigs

We are one of the leading service provider for Workover and Drilling Rig Services, Coring and Air Drilling to various Oil and Gas Companies in Middle East. Our strength is in providing complete Rig Package with all associated equipment and services to onshore / offshore Oil and Gas Industry. We along with our partner currently hold wide range of Onshore Workover Rigs ranging from 150 HP to 1000 HP and Drilling Rigs from 350 HP to 2600 HP, Coring Rig and Air Drilling Rig are capable to carry out Coring / Workover and Drilling operations.

Our partner are also very well recognized under International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and have a remarkable background in the area of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).

We offer following Coring/Workover and Drilling Rig Services.

• Slim Hole Coring Rig especially for CBM field, which can go upto depth of 1500 mtr.
• Air Drilling Rig
• Onshore Workover Rigs of varied capacity (from 150 HP TO 1000 HP)
• Onshore Drilling Rigs of varied capacity (from 350 HP to 2600 HP)
• Casing retrieval
• Well stimulation
• Planning, designing and executing of well service programs for critical wells
• Rehabilitation of sick / abandoned oil and gas wells
• Multi zone completions.
• Fishing
• Milling
• P/O & R/I of Tubings
• Cement Plug Drilling
• Scrapping,Conversion to S/Rod Completion
• Logging & Perforation
• Coil Tubing
• Gas Lift Valve (GLV)

We provide Coring/Workover and Drilling Rig Services on basis of:

• Charter Hire Basis
• Dry Lease

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